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The inspiration for ARTventureNYC comes from my childhood. As the son of two artist parents, I spent countless weekends ARTventuring through many New York City museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art being my favorite. And, of all the artists, Vincent Van Gogh, the expressive European painter, had a way of making his artwork come to life. This inspired me to want to draw! His painting, The Shoeshad always fascinated me, and each time I would go to The Met, I just had to draw those shoes. The picture above is of Van Gogh's painting, below are my own renditions that I drew at 7 years old, and then again as an adult. 

The wonder, imagination, history, and beauty of all the art in The Met that was instilled in me is something I now hope I can pass on to others. ARTventureNYC leads budding artists through the many different areas The Met has to offer as we explore and draw the art and artifacts that have helped shape our world. The goal is to extend the same appreciation for culture and art that was introduced to me at such an impressionable age. 

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